Why I Love Books

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My lifeline! The ocean of words in which I swam, to quell my insanity. The lighthouses which always illuminate my way to the peaceful shore for the soul. That one grand ticket, which allows me to live and experience many lives within my single life, transforming from one world to another, one person to another, one place to another, my personal conjurer, the mood refresher. I am sure, if you are a reader, most of us could possibly relate to these.

Now, coming to the topic! One of the reasons, why I love books is, because, they are going to stay with me forever. How? Well, read further.

I guess I have a decent collection of books, but, there is this one book, which will be the best of the best, extremely special for me, though the number in my collection may increase with new comers.

The Title Of…

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